Become a cornea diagnostics and designing expert for Customized & Therapeutic Laser Ablations treatments

Course Director:
A. John Kanellopoulos, MD
Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology NYU Med School, NYC NY

Anterior segment imaging, and multiple cornea diagnostics in particular, have evolved to broaden our assessment accuracy. Even “healthy”, “regular” eyes can benefit from topography-modified refraction (TMR) to even topography-guided ablation. Experience hands-on, hundreds of our sample cases: virgin-“regular” to irregular (scars, ectasia,
decentered etc) and expert knowledge to custom-design treatments.

About the Customized and Therapeutic Laser Ablation Courses

  • Didactic course and hands-on treatment designing of multiple case scenarios (virgin eyes, complicated therapeutic treatments: older decentered or irregular ablations, cornea scars, ectasia and keratoconus)

  • How to adjust optical zone, transition zone, and account for topography spherical neutralization.

  • Each participant will bring his or her clinical cases and design a treatment, and/or will be given all of the case scenarios noted above to design a treatment

  • Anticipate spherical change surprises

  • Modulation of biomechanics with various CXL protocols.